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  The Afro World Festival is a project of the Equal Chance Foundation which aims to bring together the Canadian society to discover, share and celebrate Black and Black African cultures in Canada through Music, Arts, Fashion and Food while challenging stereotypes around Black people and people of African descent.
The Festival will also allow International and National guests to discover the Nation's Capital, Ottawa. 

       This initiative is part of Equal Chance's efforts to break the stereotypes, fight racism, discrimination and promote unity, love and respect among all members of our society. 

       The three-day event, which is an extension of our previous project, SAFARA  will showcase International artists and performers as well as local and national Black and Black African artists. 
The Festival is a family-friendly zone. Afro World Fest is happy & proud to welcome all people!


Discover our local talents and enjoy music from national and international artists! AFRO WORLD FEST is happy to offer a variety of music styles and dance activities throughout the festival.

Furthermore, our local artists will enjoy a one hour mentorship dialogue with some of headliners as part of the Equal Chance's Foundation uplift mentorship program.


Enjoy food from various cultures and learn how to cook during of AFRO TASTE Culinary Ateliers at the Festival! More information coming soon!

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To unite our society and help the public discover Afro cultures in Canada & Discovering & Celebrating Black Cultures while challenging racism and promoting local artists and businesses.


A world in which we all live in harmony, respect and love while empowering each other and embracing each other's cultures!

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